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Inner Path Counseling and Wellness was started by me, Eryn Smith-Moeller, in 2018. The original idea was to build a community of like-minded/ like-hearted healers and trauma therapists. Here at Inner Path we are passionate about being a safe place for clients to heal while also cultivating an experienced, caring group of clinicians. We are therapists, many trauma-informed, who all value learning from and supporting one another as each person grows in their own practice and experience. We exchange insights, wisdom, and help each other as needed.

Inner Path Counseling and Wellness is a multifaceted practice where clients find empowering, enriching, evidence-based interventions that not only address the symptoms which trauma can cause, but the underlying root causes as well. Along with offering individual, couples, and family counseling, the practice is home to the Connections Path Room, a space dedicated to art, movement, groups, and workshops. We offer other services, such as community trainings, consultation/supervision, rental space opportunities and more! Check out our Other Services Tab for more info on everything we have to offer.

Having come from the nonprofit world, as well as having the opportunity to work at other practices, we have unique insights into how we prefer to do counseling and run a business. We have found it is of the utmost importance to surround ourselves with like-minded, caring, empathetic, client-centered, ethical, and educated clinicians. We work with clinicians who have a wide variety of specialties in order to easily refer clients to the best and most fitting treatment options.

The Spiraled Lotus logo came from an amalgamation of both Eryn and Shelley’s previous business logos. The Spiral symbolizes the path or journey clients embark upon during the process of healing in therapy. It also is a nod to two of the specialties offered – EMDR and IFS – which offer unique ways of understanding one’s labyrinthine Mind and Self (Read more about EMDR here. Read more about IFS here).

The lotus is a symbol of healing. Eryn speaks best about lotus symbolism:

“Years ago, I received a gift of an anklet of silver lotus petals. It came with an inspirational explanation that lotuses represent hope, purity, strength and perseverance. The bloom of the lotus represents the heart’s temple. Even though it’s roots are deep in the mud of the ponds and lakes, it raises its bloom in spotless, immaculate beauty, high above the dark surface of the water. Nature shows us examples to direct us and to challenge us. In life, character is proven in our rising above and growing through, not escaping hard times.

To me, going through your pain instead of trying to go around it shows immense courage. When you “go around” or avoid trauma and pain you will likely come face-to-face with it again and again in the future. “Going through” the trauma facilitates personal growth you never imagined. You can be stronger and more resilient than you thought possible.

Like the lotus that thrives by going through the mud and blossoming, together we will find a way through the mud and trauma of life so that you can bloom to your fullest potential.”

Feel free to click on the tabs of our clinicians and read about whom might be the best fit for you. We look forward to helping you blossom as you engage in your healing journey. Contact us today!

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